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A little more about me, I am a wife to a very talented man (married for 9 years). And, I believe most important role in this life is my role as a mother.  I have had the blessing of having four beautiful children (one of which is a nudist, I bet you can't guess which one).  My family is my world, and I am a big believer in Mother Theresa's quote, "if you want to change the world, go home and love your family."  I fell in love with in-home photography when I realized that all my images I had been taking of my children were when they were dressed to the nine's, hair curled perfect, rushing out the door to catch "the golden hour." Well, that only resulted in crabby kids on a beach or in a wheat field.  Photos were never fun and always frustrating to me. I realized the light was beautiful but these weren't images that told any story about their personalities, and they definitely didn't reflect real life. I started taking a 365, an image every day project in my own home and loved the art I was creating with my children.  I was not only documenting their lives the way that we REALLY lived, but I was creating a family history for them and for me. I LOVE photographing inside the home and feel very passionate about sharing this gift with others, it's so personable and tells such a beautiful story.  They are images you would cherish forever.